Fighting for Happiness and Sustainability in Housework

HAPPY SiNKS is a next generation cleaning & organizing brand founded in 2020 by two Finnish business builders Juhani Sirén and Anssi Hurme from the multi awarded design house Magisso. 

Juhani and Anssi are both avid cooks at home – but had problems cleaning afterwards. After creating +40 award-winning functional designs for homes around the world we decided to make cleaning more enjoyable for ourselves and help others with the same problem. 


We want to fight for happiness and sustainability in housework by creating sustainable, surprising and super-useful products for organising, cleaning and minimising bacterial contamination in the kitchen.

While all HAPPY SiNKS products are made to be über functional and sustainable, they also look fresh and make you want to go grab and use them as often as possible. 


We want to bring a piece of Nordic happiness to your kitchen with our eco-friendly and sustainable products. Our mission is to improve daily cleaning tasks by one dish cloth at a time.

HAPPY SiNKS products are designed and patented in Finland. Our bright and fun inventions are created to upgrade your kitchen aesthetic and allow you to enjoy your daily cleaning tasks in style. 


What do we love even more than our beautiful inventions?
- the planet earth -

43 billion tons of CO2 from human activities were emitted into the earth in 2019, and the number is not going down anytime soon

At HAPPY SiNKS, we take responsibility for our production processes – ensuring that the planet and the people are always in our heart throughout the whole production chains.

We are serious and transparent when it comes to sustainability, check our commitments at Sustainability.


Made of Bio-composite 

Our Holders + Bio-Composite = 50% less carbon footprint & 100% recyclable


GOTS organic cotton

GOTS certified means that we care about both, the planet and the people.


FSC Packaging

By choosing products with FSC labels, you are helping to take care of the world’s forests.


100% Biodegradable 

Our Swedish Dish Cloths are 100% biodegradable, and free from micro plastic.


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